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Tom Dumoulin takes 11th place at the World Championships

Tom Dumoulin takes 11th place at the World Championships

The UCI world championships in Richmond, Virginia, closed with the road race for elite men. Today’s race, just like all other road races, took place on the same challenging, technical and inner-city road circuit, which covered 16.2km. The elite men competed for the title of world champion over a race of 261.4km. The team is supplied three riders for the German team, and one rider each for the Dutch, the United States, Slovenia and Austria.

The day’s escape of 8 riders was caught back with 95km to go. Moving towards the final two laps seven riders attacked, including the former world champion Michal Kwiatkowski.

During the final passage of the cobbled 200-meter climb up to Libby Hill Park the breakaway was caught back again. Peter Sagan attacked on the 100-meter-long climb up 23rd Street which followed and created a large-enough gap to win the worlds solo.

Behind Sagan, Tom Dumoulin took 11th place

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